Wondering what to expect before you come?

Check out our frequently asked questions for the answers to most of your questions and our updated Covid Policy. Still curious? Contact Us and we will be happy to help you get ready for a great experience with us!

CLICK HERE FOR OUR COVID-19 POLICY and please check back regularly. Our policy is subject to change based on CDC recommendations and artist requirements. Thanks for your cooperation and for supporting LIVE MUSIC!

No. We will only issue a refund if the concert is cancelled or postponed. Otherwise, there are no refunds.

Not at this time. Currently, we are only open for ticketed events. This is the most sustainable model for our business right now as we recover from the tremendous losses caused by Covid-19. We hope to re-open for regular business hours (in addition to our concerts) in the future.

For shows marked “ALL AGES,” children under 7 attend for free; tickets are otherwise required. All minors must be accompanied by an adult and this policy is strict. If we find any children running around without a chaperone, everyone in the party will be asked to leave with no refund. Strollers will be searched by security staff upon entry. Please bring proper ear protection for your children.

For shows marked “12+,” only children ages 12 and up are allowed to attend. This means NO ENTRY for any and all humans under the age of 12. This includes sleeping infants and toddlers, children that aren’t yet 12 but are “mature for their age” and “go to shows all the time,” etc. All children 12+ will need a ticket to be admitted.

For shows marked “18+,” this means NO ENTRY for any and all humans under the age of 18. This includes infants, well-behaved teenagers, 17-year-old nephews who love the band and turn 18 soon, and everyone else under the age of 18. Sorry, we love all of you, but rules are rules. (And, of course, anyone 18 and up will need a ticket to be admitted.)

If you have further questions about these policies, please email info@salvagestation.com.

Yes! The box office is open when Salvage Station is open (please see our Events Page to find out when we are open for an event). No cash; credit cards ONLY! Please check our website for updates on ticket availability, door times, and more! You may experience long lines if trying to purchase tickets while we are open for a large event. Taxes and fees apply.

We are not responsible for tickets purchased from third-party vendors.

*Please note that purchasing tickets online through our website is the fastest and easiest way to secure your tickets at this time. We do not have regular box office hours due to staff shortages but hope to resume regular box office hours in the future. Thank you for your patience.

We can accept both! If you have a screen protector on your phone, it may be difficult for us to scan your ticket, so consider printing it out for faster service.

If you can’t find your tickets, first, search your Inbox and SPAM for “ticketfFast” (Ticketweb’s email delivery service). If you still can’t find them, as long as you have your Ticketweb confirmation number* and your ID (if the tickets were purchased under your name) when you get to the box office, you’ll be good to go. If you can’t find your confirmation number, please send us an email at info@salvagestation.com.

*We are not responsible for tickets purchased from third-party vendors.

If you’d like to pass tickets on to someone else, please send us an email to info@salvagestation.com with that person’s name and CC that person as well (so that they can provide the email as proof of transference when they arrive at the box office). They must also bring the Ticketweb PDF* with the tickets (and/or the Ticketweb confirmation number*) and their own ID.

*We are not responsible for tickets purchased from third-party vendors.

All shows are currently General Admission and there is limited seating available on a first-come, first-served basis. We do not offer reserved seating at this time.

We offer handicapped seating on the patio outside of the main bar for those who qualify.

No chairs or blankets are allowed unless otherwise mentioned in the event listing on our Events page. There are no exceptions to this rule for these shows.

All shows are currently General Admission and there is VERY limited seating available on a first-come, first-served basis. You may not reserve a seat.

We offer handicapped seating on the patio outside of the main bar for those who qualify.

For large events, PAID parking will be available on a first-come, first-served basis in our on-site Salvage Station gravel lot for $10 cash or $12 credit card per car starting at 4:30PM. To determine if you’re attending a “large” event, please refer to the event page of the show you are attending.

FREE Parking will be available with complimentary shuttle service every 30 minutes (or faster, if traffic is good to us) just down the street in the Zen Tubing lot at 608 Riverside Drive and at the Asheville Chamber of Commerce lot at 36 Montford Avenue STARTING AT 5PM.

***Please note that some shows only require satellite parking at Zen Tubing, so if there is not a parking attendant at the Chamber of Commerce, please go to Zen Tubing instead. ***

If a show is labeled “FREE ON-SITE PARKING”,  you may park in the Salvage Station parking lot for FREE!

As always, PLEASE carpool, Uber, Lyft, Taxi or bike when you can to help make parking available for all who need it. Salvage Station is not responsible for stolen items, so please lock your car and put valuables in your trunk out of sight. There is NO RE-ENTRY once your ticket has been scanned and there are no exceptions to this rule.

Yes, There are handicapped parking spots at the front entrance. We also offer handicapped seating under the big white tent right outside of the main bar area. If you have particular seating needs or specific questions about access, please contact us at info@salvagestation.com.

Let’s make this easy…here is a list of items you CANNOT bring into the venue:

No firearms, knives, weapons, pepper spray, fireworks, or projectiles of any kind

No drugs, drug paraphernalia or illegal substances of any kind

No chairs or blankets for “LARGE EVENTS” due to limited space – no exceptions

No outside food, drinks or empty drinking containers allowed

No personal video cameras, Go-Pros, drones or lasers

No professional audio, video, or audio recording equipment – (including detachable lenses, tripods, zooms or commercial use rigs) without proper credentials

No large bags over (14″x14″x6″) *All bags are subject to being searched. ***PLEASE NOTE: Some shows have a strict NO BAG policy that is as follows: To reduce staff contact with guest belongings, no bags or purses over 6″ x 6″ will be allowed inside unless they are made of clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC material. Please note, all guests will be subject to being searched prior to entry. with no exceptions.

No tents or easy-ups

No pets 

Shirts + shoes required at all times while on property

No frisbees, balls, hula hoops

No chairs or blankets are allowed unless otherwise mentioned in the event listing on our Events page.

***There is NO RE-ENTRY! All bags are subject to search upon entry. Guests have the right to refuse a bag search and the venue has the right to refuse entry. If you have any items that are not allowed into the venue, you will be asked to return them to your vehicle or forgo admission.

Yes, we have the Root Down Kitchen at Salvage Station open during all business hours and you can find a sample menu here.


No, they are not. Only service animals are permitted, and they must have proper documentation to be allowed on the property. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PETS IN YOUR CAR DURING SHOWS.

Each individual show listing on our events page is clearly marked either “Outdoor” or “Indoor.” Depending on the weather, this is subject to change, so please keep an eye on our Instagram and/or Facebook accounts for weather-related updates.

All of our events are “rain or shine” unless otherwise posted. Look for updates on the event page and on our social media sites (Facebook, Instagram). For outdoor concerts, all guests should dress for the weather that day.

Yes, but please pick it up the next day during our regular business hours. Cars left longer than a week will be towed at the owner’s expense. NO CAMPER VANS or RVs are allowed to park at Salvage Station: NO EXCEPTIONS. You may not sleep in your vehicle or stay overnight on the property under any circumstances. It is considered trespassing if you are on the property outside of business hours.

No. We are currently open for ticketed events only and our river access is closed at this time. We may reopen the river access once we are able to reopen at full capacity with normal business hours.

We have the following NA options (subject to change seasonally): Heinekin 0.0, Shanti Elixirs Jun, Root Beer, Ginger Beer, Yerba Mate, and Fonta Flora Sparkling Water.

YES! You MUST wear shoes when you’re on the property. And pants, a shirt, etc. We want you to be comfortable, but this is still a place of business. Basically, dress as if you were going to a bar or restaurant.

NO! There is no re-entry. No exceptions!