What is pod seating?

Pod seating is Salvage Station’s way of safely distancing guests by seating each group of guests in their own “pod”. A pod consists of seating for either 2, 4, 6 or 8 and enough space in your area to dance while still being distanced from other pods. Each pod is marked off with a painted circle and we ask that you stay within your pod while enjoying the show. If you leave your pod to go to the bar, restaurant, bathroom or while exiting the venue, please remember to wear your mask and continue to distance yourself 6′ or more from other patrons.

There are NO BAD SEATS at Salvage Station! Pods P1-P5 and B1-B5 are under big tents and everything else is open air.

If you cannot find a 2-seated pod to purchase, it is because those pods tend to sell out before everything else. Most pre-sold ticketed shows sell out quickly due to our limited capacity, so we suggest buying tickets early for the most options!

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